Baisan Ke LaddO

This festive sweet is made in several ways. Following is the simple and easy recipe of making these delicious laddos at home.

Baisan Ke Laddo at


1 kg baisan 
1 cup flour 
1 cup cream 
1 cup sugar(u can add more if u want) 
Dry fruits(badam pista kaju etc) 
Seeds of 4-5 small illaichi 
Oil (as required but it should be more than ghee) 
Ghee 1 cup
Mix oil & ghee. 
Put oil and some ghee & 2-3 seeds of ilaichi 
Then add baisan in it & start mixing them till it becomes golden brown 
In another karhai or pan and add remaining ghee & oil & ilaichi in it 
Add flour(atta) in it & do the same procces till it changes it colour or till it smells. 
Then add baisan, cream, sugar & all dry fruits till suger melts. 
Mix well. Remove from heat and set it aside to cool. 
Now make small size laddos out of it. 
Serve with garnishing of dry chopped nuts. 

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