Black Forest Cake Recipe

Black Forest Cake – This popular German cake is the ultimate favorite cake all over the world. Traditionally black forest cake is several layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and sour cherries. Chef Zakir here has given this classic cake his own style and simplified it for you. Enjoy!
 Black Forest Cake
Recipe Ingredients

  • Egg 1 dozen
  • Sugar 300 gm
  • Flour (maida) 250 gm
  • Coco powder 50 gm
  • Vanilla essence few drops
  • Baking powder 25 gm
  • Sugar syrup 1 cup
  • Red jam 1 cup
  • Buttercream as required
  • Chopped pineapple 1cup
  • Cherry as required
  • Piping bag
  • Cooking chocolate 100 gm
  • For Buttercream:
  • Butter 250 gm
  • Fresh cream 100 ml
  • Icing sugar 1/2 cup
Recipe Method

  1. Beat eggs with an electric and add 300 gram sugar to it.
  2. When sugar is completely dissolved add flour (maida), coco powder, vanilla essence and baking powder.
  3. Now pour the mixture in a mold and place it in oven at 180 degree centigrade for 40 minutes.
  4. After baking and cooling the cake, cut the cake horizontally from the middle and leave it to cool properly.
  5. Apply 1/2 cup sugar syrup on one part of the cold cake.
  6. Then apply 1/2 cup red jam on it.
  7. Then apply butter cream on it.
  8. At last sprinkle chopped pineapple on it.
  9. Place the other part of the cake over it and apply the remaining sugar syrup, red jam and butter cream on it and completely coat the cake.
  10. Pour butter cream in piping bag and make flowers with it on cake.
  11. Place cherry on each flower.
  12. At last grate the cooking chocolate and sprinkle on the cake.
  13. Black forest cake is ready.
  14. For Buttercream: Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and beat with an electric beater. Refrigerate till chilled.

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