Brain Masala Recipe

Just like a beef steak or burger, the brain of a cow contains protein and essential vitamins and minerals.Beef brain is more commonly used in the cuisines of certain European and Latin American countries than it is in the United States.
Brain Masala
Recipe Ingredients

  •     2 brain cow
  •     1 onion
  •     2 tomato
  •     to taste salt
  •     to taste red chilli powder
  •     1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  •     1 tbsp lemon juice
  •     1 tbsp garlic paste
  •     2-3 tbs oil
Recipe Method

  1. first wash the brain carefully n then add it in boiling water with some garlic cloves. cinnamon stick n vinegar n gave 2-3 boils, now drain all the water n keep it aside
  2. now in another pan add oil suet garlic paste add onions give them a slightly golden color add tomatoes finely chopped, add masala n fry it until the oil is separated, now add brain, add lemon juice n fry it until it’s smell is finished garnish it with green chillies, fresh coriander, i don’t have at that time so i only used green chillies

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