bread =8 slices

dahi=aik cup

miada=aik cup(agr maida na ho to chwal ka ata b daala ja skta hy)

besan=aik cup

oil=1 tabspn

namak=hasb e zrurat

laalmich=hasbe zrurat

palak=chudn patye chotye chotey tukron me kaat len

hara dhnaiya=thora sa

hari mirchen=4-5 adad kati hu

oil=shalow fry kerne k liye



sab se pehle bread slices ko aik bowl me daal den ,ab us me dahi daal ker hath se masal len,ab maida ,besan dal ker mazeed mix kerlen,ab namak mirch,hara dhniya,hari mirchen,palak shamil ker k use mazeed mix kern,dough tyar hojye touske chukely(pedey)banaker shalow fry kerlen …gram garam chukey tyar hain

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