• Sugar 1/2kg
  • Zarda Colour 1 Pinch
  • Almond 1cup
  • Pistachios 1cup
  • Khoya 1kg
  • Green Cardamom Seeds 1tbsp
  • Butter Clarified 1cup
  • Coco Powder 2 tbsp
  • Green Colour 1 Pinch


In a skillet fry khoya on low flame and add sugar, let it cook until sugar get dissolve.

During the process stir the mixture to make paste.
Then add green cardamom seeds and cooks until the mixture gets boil.

When the mixture turn to golden brown then take off the flame and grease the platter with clarified butter, set the mixture and set aside for half an hour.

Add coco-powder in remaining mixture, mix it well and pour it into the platter.

Now crushed almonds and pistachio nuts take out the khoya mixture and sprinkled the nuts.

Then make thin long rolls from both of the mixtures.
Now fill other dough pieces into green and orange color’s and made a thin a roll.

Then make a roll from almond, pistachio dough and set both the rolls into each other.

After that putt the rolls in every after small distance of upper green color, then make circle shape spirals out of it, with the help of hands.

Do the same procedure with every roll, cut into pieces and serve.

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