chanp masla


200 gms ——- mutton chanp
30 gms ——- dried figs ( Injeer )
20 gms each ——- baby yellow & red bell pepper
20 gms ——- zucchini, cut into strips
10 gms ——- eggplant ( Baingan )
10 gms ——- rosemary
10 gms ——- thyme
30 gms ——- potato
30 gms ——- butter
30 gms ——- olive oil
50 gms ——- fresh breadcrumbs
Salt & pepper, to taste

Mutton chanp recipe for Muslim festival Eid Al-adha meal


Flatten the lion of the mutton chanp and stuff it with figs
Season with salt & pepper and roast to desired level of doneness, brushing a little oil occasionally.
Mix breadcrumbs with rosemary, thyme & butter and coat the mutton with the mixture.
Cook in an oven.
Cut into half. Grill all the vegetables, brushing a little oil occasionally.
To serve, place chanp on a platter. Spoon the vegetables.

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