Chicken DOpiaza

Chicken Dopiaza… “do” means “two” and “piaza” refers to onions – So the onions used in this recipe is a bit more in quantity then a usual gravy based dish. Chicken cooked in onion’s gravy, has prominent flavors of onion with other spices.

Chicken Dopiaza at


Medium Size Chicken 1. 
Red Chillies 2 tbsp. 
Onions 2. 
Ginger 2 pieces. 
Garlic cloves 8. 
Mustard oil/Corn oil 1 cup. 
Yogurt 4 tbsp. 
Salt to taste. 
Turmeric powder 1 tsp. 
Coriander Leaves. 
Cumin Seeds(to sprinkle). 
Black Pepper(to sprinkle).


Grind all the spices. Cut the chicken in pieces. Heat oil in a pan & put all the spices along with onions, ginger/garlic with salt & keep on stirring adding little water to keep color red. Then add chicken & yogurt, add a little water & cover on a slow fire. Keep on stirring every now & then. When the chicken is tender & water evaporates, sprinkle coriander leaves,black pepper & cumin seeds. 
The same recipe is suitable for mutton. 

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