Chicken Frittata With Pasta


Recipe Ingredients

Chicken breasts                      2

Finely chopped capsicum      1

Finely chopped onion            1

Finely chopped spring onions1

Finely chopped tomatoes      1

Egg                                         4

Spaghetti                                 1/2packet

Parmesan cheese                   50g

Parsley                                    1/4bunch

Black pepper powder             1/2tsp

Butter                                      4tbsp

Salt                                          as required


Recipe Method

Boil the spaghetti, drain and keep aside

Finely chop ¼ bunch pasrely,1 capsicum,1 onion,1 spring onion, and 1 tomato

Beat together 4 eggs in a bowl. Add all the chopped vegetables, boiled spaghetti,2 julienne cut breast fillet, salt as required,1/2tsp black pepper powder and 50g parmesan cheese. Mix well.

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