Chicken Manchurian


CM Rida Aftab-Recipes

CM Rida Aftab-Recipes


  • Boneless chicken= half kg
  • Capsicum=2
  • Corn flour=4 tablespoon
  • Tomato ketchup=1 cup
  • Vinegar= 2 tbsp
  • Onion= 2
  • Cabbage= 1 cup
  • Chicken stock=1 cup
  • Ginger garlic paste=1 tbsp
  • Black pepper= 2 tsp
  • Salt=1 tbsp
  • Chinese salt=half teaspoon
  • Oil= 1 cup
  • Sugar= 1 tbsp
  • Paprika powder= 1tsp

How to cook:

Chicken may corn flour,white vinegar(2 tsp),salt( quarter teaspoon),sugar( 1tbsp),oil(1tbsp) in sab cheezon ko add karain aur atleaste 25 mins k lia marinate ker dain.

Phir onion ko cubes may cut ker lain. Capsicum ko b cubes shape may cut ker lain. Cabbage ko b cut ker lain. Phir pan may 1 tablespoon oil ko garam karain aur yeh saray vegetables ko stir fry ker lain.

Phir 1 cup oil ko garam karain aur is may marinated chicken add ker k ossay fry kain. Jab chicken fry ho jaey to chicken ko oil say nikal k aik bowl may daal k rakh dain.

Phir pan may 1 tablespoon oil ko garam karain aur is may ginger garlic paste ko southe karain. Then is may chicken stock add ker dain. Phir is may fry kiya howa chicken add ker dain aur sath hi 1 cup water b add ker lain. phir is may paprika powder,tomatoo ketchup,chinese salt( half teaspoon),salt( half teaspoon), white or black pepper( 1 teaspoon),white vinegar( 2 tablespoon) add karain. Jab is mixture may aik boil aa jaey to to stove ko off ker dain.

Phir aik sizzler ko garam karain is heated sizzler may sab say pehlay vegetables add karain. Phir is may chicken manchurian spread ker dain. Chicken manchurian is ready to serve.

NOTE: jab b chicken manchurian banana hai hamesha issay fersh baney coz agar pehlay say bana lain to is ka taste bilkul change ho jata hai.

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