• chicken mince —2 whole breast fillets
  • cream—2tbspoptional
  • Pomegranate seeds/anardana crushed 2tsp
  • green chilies- chopped 3
  • cilantro1/2 chopped bunch
  • mint-1/2 chopped bunch
  • garlic–2tsp chopped
  • garlic.1tsp. i used garlic powder
  • onion-1 normal sizeblend with 1/4th cup water in blender…. squeeze in
  • muslin cloth–drain all water.
  • now onion ready to go in mince.
  • For naan.
  • all purpose flour750gms
  • instant yeast- 2tsp
  • baking powder-1/2 tsp
  • sugar 2tsp
  • oil- 3tsp
  • salt–1/tsp
  • for dough luke warm water


Add as a taste salt ,grind red pepper ,black pepper,crushed red pepper,grind coriander powder,white whole zeera/cumin seeds,whole crushed coriander,1tsp garam masala.

Mix well all above ingredients in chicken mince….now ready for naan!!! in mixture Chillies n Salt must be strong…

knea a dough spread oil on dough–cover and keep for raising Make ball roll a roti/chapati spread mince mixture

Now just one cut with knife center to round edgeRoll the raw naan one side to end now you got a cone shape make ball again do rest 5 minutes

now give the naan shape..brush with oil on naan….n broil on highest heat dont forgot broil both of side!!!!

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