chicken mince or boneless 1500g (purreed twice in food processor)
2 bread slices soaked in milk
green chillies 8 fine choped or pureed
worchestershire sauce 5tbsp
chilli oil 1tsp
salt 1tsp
white pepper powder 2tsp
sugar 1tsp
black pepper powder 1/2tsp
egg 1
cornflour 1tsp
onion 1 medium fine chop

take a mixing bowl add in purreed chicken..season with all above ingr.. mix it well..shape it..

for coating:
bread crumbs

after shaping the nuggets put it in egg wash(eggs whisked with a TBsp of milk) then coat it with bread crumbs..arrange in the storage container with layers of polythene sheets in between..this ‘ll go for months..enjoy it whenever u want,just take it out from freezer & enjoy..

*after freezing just thaw it & shallow fry on medium heat.

*u can always check the seasoning after mixing the chicken by putting a tsp of mixture on a hot griddle & frying it till done..

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