Chicken salami


chicken mince 700g
soya sauce 4tsp
ginger garlic paste 1tsp
black pepper powder 1tsp heap
salt to taste
Gelatin 3/4tsp
water 1/4 cup(for gelatin)


1.soak gelatin in 1/4 cup for 5 mins.
2.puree the chicken with soaked gelatin & all the rest ing. into a fine paste.(its really essential to purred it well so to achieve the smooth texture)mix everthing together.
3.take some butter paper or foil & put the filling in it.its all upto u how much u want to fill in,u can make 1 big roll or 2 small 1s.(i used half & half so achieved 2.make sure there is no air in it.
4.start twisting it holing the both ends in ur both hands & using the counter top to roll the stuff towards 1 directions, roll it tightly.(twising the ends & securing is the important part)
5.steam it for 40-45mins( u can either boil it)
6.let it cool completly before opening it.
7.slice it & enjoy…

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