Chinese Beaf Recipe

This may take a while in the oven, but it’s super fast to prepare and tastes fantastic
Chinese Beaf Recipe
Recipe Ingredients

  • 1- beaf (medium peices) 300gms
  • 2- onion 1
  • 3- spring onion 2
  • 4- woster sauce 2tsp
  • 5- oyesture sauce 1tsp
  • 6- corn flour 2tsp
  • 7- black pepper 1/4 tsp
  • 8- white pepper 1/4 tsp
  • 9- salt to taste
  • 10- oil as required
  • 11- garlic 4 clove
Recipe Method

  1. Make peices of small beaf under cut.Take a pan and heat some quantity of oil in it then put the slices of beaf and garlic cloves.When the beaf becomes brown in color,take it out of the pan and put inside the bowl.Chopped spring onion and onion and nicely chopped the garlic cloves.Take another pan and put garlic in it and slightly heat it.Now add onion,spring onion,woster sauce,oyesture sauce,black pepper,white pepper and salt in it.Let it cooked for just about 4 to 5 minutes and after the 5 minutes have passed,add fried beaf also in the pan.Make a dissolved solution of water and corn flour and add gradually in the pan.Cook for about 5 minutes.Chinese beaf will be ready. Decorate it with the thin round slices of cucumber in the platter and serve it happily.

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