Deewani Handi Recipe

Deewani Handi is a sought of vegetable curry best to have in your regular meals. It is mainly an Indian dish engrossed in itself the healthiness of eggplant and saag. A touch of turmeric juice make it a bit savory. Do give it a trail.
Deewani Handi
Recipe Ingredients

  • Eggplants 2
  • Onions 2 spring
  • Tomatoes 2
  • Carrots 2
  • Potatoes 3
  • Green chilies 6
  • Few curry leaves
  • Coriander 1 bunch sliced
  • Soya 2 bunches
  • Methi saag 6 bunches
  • Mustard oil 1 cup
  • Peas ½ cup
  • Tamarind juice ½ cup
  • Turmeric powder 1 tsp
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
  • Red chili powder 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
Recipe Method

  1. Heat cup mustard oil in a handi and add fenugreek seeds.
  2. When spice is fragrant, add egg plants cut into cubes, cup peas, tomatoes, bunches methi saag, spring onions, bunches soya, green chilies, turmeric powder, potatoes cut into cubes and slightly fried.
  3. Add red chili powder, salt to taste, tamarind juice, ginger garlic paste and few curry leaves and allow cooking on low flame.
  4. When much of vegetables’ water has evaporated, stir together the gravy.
  5. Garnish with sliced coriander and serve.

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