Fruit Sun Rise


Recipe Ingredients

  • Red jelly 1 packet
  • Orange jelly 1 packet
  • China grass ½ packet
  • Fruit cocktail  1 tin
  • Orange 3
  • Peaches 1 tin
  • Water  as required
  • Sugar 125 gm

Recipe Method

  1. Cut 1 tin of peaches into small cubes, mix with 1 tin of fruit cocktail.
  2. Peel 3 oranges and remove pulp.
  3. In a pan put together 1 cup water, ½ packet of china grass and 2 tbsp sugar.
  4. Cook till it is transparent. Pour mixture in a mold.
  5. Spread half of the fruit cocktail mixture on top and freeze till firm.
  6. Now cook 1 packet of orange jelly with 1 cup water and 2 tbsp sugar.
  7. Remove mold from freezer and spread with orange pulp.
  8. Now pour the cooked jelly mixture in the same mold on top of fruit cocktail.
  9. Again put in refrigerator.
  10. In another pan cook 1 packet of red jelly with 2 tbsp sugar and 1 cup water.
  11. Then remove mold from refrigerator, spread with remaining fruit cocktail mixture, top with dissolved red jelly mixture.
  12. Freeze for 15 – 20 minutes till firm.
  13. Then remove on a platter and serve chilled.

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