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Homemade Fried Chicken Recipe : How to Cook Chicken Fried Steak

Techniques for cooking chicken fried steak to perfection; learn this and more in this free cooking video series about Southern food taught by a culinary instructor. Expert: Louis Ortiz Bio: Louis Ortiz is a professional chef instructor at a culinary institute. He has been working in the culinary industry for 10 years. Filmmaker: Jay Holzer

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  1. nigerassssss

  2. egyption style boy wutcb uknow bout dat

  3. And I Recycle It Back To You!


  5. If he says ‘residual’ one more time…….

  6. amazing how you actually had a whole recipe in one video. wow!!

  7. patrickloveskittens

    D: chicken fried steak makes me cry because its so good.

  8. great job! look so good and thank you for add the subtitles. it was great for supporting deaf people and also for some people who prefers read the subtitles. (: 5/5

  9. Never leave the cooked steaks lay against the paper for more than a few seconds, as the oil absorbs very quickly, and you don’t want the meat to re-absorb the oil it just lost to the paper towel.
    Better to let them drain on a wire cooling rack.

  10. good point.

  11. is tht a rice cooker?

  12. deep frier probably

  13. BODOMmETALwolF

    they looked unready on the bottom of the steaks when he had them over the fryer

  14. every time i try this the breading falls of the meat when i cut it. any suggestions?

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