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How to Cook Steak Diane : How to Cook Steak Diane

Learn how to cook the meat for steak Diane in this free classic American cooking video. Expert: Mark Alyn Bio: Mark Alyn is a former member of the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association. On his national radio program, he has interviewed chefs, authors, food writers, and wine makers. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

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  1. “..and if you like your meat more well done cook it longer” DUH! Besides this absurdly obvious advice every other direction in steak cooking perfection was completely the opposite to what you should do.
    DO cook your steak on a high heat otherwise it won’t seal properly and certainly don’t cut the meat to check for readiness like this guy says or your meat will lose all it’s juices.
    Sorry Mark but you are NO expert!

  2. He can’t cook.

    Don’t cut open the meat to check how its done! Check it with your index finger by poking it. DONT use garlic like he has, it’ll just taste of one thing. Garlic. Just rub a clove over, don’t put about 3 in the damn pan! Also, and the most important thing, is that the pan needs to be as hot as possible. Where this yatz has gotten the idea to not have that much heat is beyond me. Expert he is not!

  3. Thats not steak diane.
    My receipe for steak diane has mushrooms and onions fried in butter.Steak marinated in red wine and french mustard overnite.Add steak then add brandy and at the very end you add the single cream with mixed herbs.[being careful not to over cook the cream ]

  4. This is steak what?

    I’ve NEVER seen a video from “expert village” that wasn’t anything but wrong.

  5. This guy sucks.

  6. You don’t know shit about cooking a steak jackass!!

  7. this is a joke right? watch his other videos..this guy is just plain stupid

  8. jesus hes a fu***** idiot

  9. drunkensausage

    British beef….A HOT pan,beef dripping,salt and pepper…There’s no need for anything else..

  10. i agree. hes fucking shit!

  11. What a flaming faggot, fucking gay cunt!

  12. I just don’t like rare meat, but it doesn’t look too bad.

  13. Ok seriously, this video is retarded. He leaves the steaks in later on while the alcohol is cooking away. The meat must be carbonized… He says he likes it rare…

  14. Expert Village?? More Gay, retarded Village Idiot!

  15. “If you like your meat more well done…cook it longer…”. Fascinating…

  16. You Mark Alyn fans ought to enjoy this: /watch?v=wvWQY-RnhmY

  17. what a idiot.. you need a haircut you moron!

  18. oh mate hes so amazing with these factsi thought u had to not cook it at all to get it more well done lol

  19. Thank you for making this wonderful cooking video, I love good cooks such as yourself.

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