How to Decorate Your Salad- Recipes

When it comes to food decorating, you don’t need to have any special skills. All you need is passion for food and imagination. A decorated salad can open your appetite in a second- why? Because any food that looks good to the eye, will even taste better. Start decorating your own plates and surprise your family members with your new decorative meals.

Heirloom Tomatoes – Caprese Salad Recipe

As in this season tomatoes are so easy to find, I thought to start the decorative salad recipes with this one. Looks yummy doesn’t it?

Ingredients:Tomatoes of course- as much as you desire, Fresh mozzarella, Basil leaves, Olive oil, Sea Salt, Black pepper


Instructions:  Cut the tomato in ½ slices and fill it with mozzarella, as it is (shown in the picture) don’t forget to also put the basil leaves in between them. Drizzle it with olive oil (don’t overdo it though) and then add some black pepper and salt. That’s it! Super easy isn’t it? But is so yummy and beautiful decorated. Try it and you will not get disappointed.

Potato Snake- (Russian Style)

Ingredients: 500 gr. of mushrooms, 400 gr. of chicken, 100-150 gr. cheese, 300 gr. mashed potatoes, 80-100 gr. cheese crisps, 3 onions, mayonnaise, cranberry / red currant, slice of tomato / red pepper / potato chips, butter, vegetable oil.

Instructions: Boil the potatoes and then mashed it good, leave it aside to cool in the form of a snake (as it shown in the picture), cop the union in small pieces and then add lemon juice, a tablespoon of sugar and mayonnaise. Cut the mushrooms in small slices and fry them in a pan with olive oil and butter allow to cool and add the next layer- don’t forget to spread with mayonnaise.


Now boil the chicken breast and after is done cut it in small pieces, add new layer and spread with mayonnaise. Rub with cheese, add the next layer and then spread with mayonnaise. To make the outer skin Chips canbe crumbled and then sprinkled over the salad.In order to make the eyes use the larger chips, use some berries for decoration.

Salad Decoration: Poppy Flower Out of Tomato 

Ingredients: tomatoes, cucumber, olives, green onion tops.

Instructions: Make the salad, however you like it – because this decoration is only for the cover of it. Place the salad on a big dish so the flower will look nicer. And then cover the salad with white shredded cheese. After washing good the tomatoes, start cutting them in shapes of petals.


For the center of each flower we will use olives, so cut the olives in really small pieces. Now places the tomatoes petals in three different places and add the olives in the middle. Make stems of your edible flowers out of green onion tops, for the flower leaves use the cucumber skin.

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