Kaddu Ka Halwa


CM halwa kadoo

CM halwa kadoo


Halwa Kaddu 1 Kg

Sugar 1/2 Kg

Almonds (w/o skin) 12 pcs

Pistachio 12 pcs

Dar Cheni 1/2 Tola

Keura liquid 01 Spoon (Big size)

Chandi paper 02 pcs

Ghee/ Cookin Oil As per your taste

How to cook:

Take out the skin of Halwa Kaddu including the seeds from the inside and clean it and then cut into thin pieces in the crushed tool. Cut the pistachio in thin pieces and take out the skin of almonds.

Take crushed Kaduu in a bowl and fill the bowl with water until the Kaddu dipped in water and put it stove for cooking, when water becomes dried and kudu boiled then take a big pan add cooking oil/ Ghee and put it on stove for some time to become hot then add crushed Kaddu and fry it until it become golden brown then add sugar 1/2 kg or as per your taste and stir the spoon continuously that sugar will not stick on the bottom of the pan, during frying when sugar becomes dry and Kaddu release the cooking oil/ ghee then take out the pan from the stove and add keura liquid and cove it for some time.

Take out the sweet (Halwa Kaddu) in a dish and garnish it with Pistachio, Almonds and with chandi paper.

Note: This sweet taste remains same until one week.

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