Kashmiri Tea Recipe

Kashmiri Chai is prepared by green tea with a required quantity of milk. Kashmiri tea is a favorite tea in Pakistan.
Kashmiri Tea
Recipe Ingredients

  • 6. teaspoon green tea leaves
  • 15- seeds of green cardamom
  • q.s soaked peeled almonds
  • ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • q.s milk
  • some fresh cream ( malai)
  • pistachio , grounded
  • 18cups water
  • As per taste salt
Recipe Method

1. Pour water in a heavy-based large pan. Add tea leaves, salt, seeds of green cardamom
2. Bring to boil reduce heat and simmer briskly for 15 minutes or until it reduces to 13 its quantity. add soda bicarb 1/2tsp and add ½ glass cold water .boil again . again put ½tsp. soda bicarb and ½ glass water and boil and simmer again add ¼ tsp. pink food color.
3.. Remove from heat, strain and keep aside. Qahwa is ready .can be stored for a month in fridge
  • Preparing Kashmiri Tea
4. Boil the milk with ground cardamom and almonds, pistachio over low heat. Pour a little tea ,( prepared Qahwa) in the milk – 1or2 tsp. is sufficient for making a cup Bring to boil, add salt and simmer for 10 minutes over low heat.
Flavor of the tea depends on the quality of the green tea leaves.
Tips: kashmiri tea leaves are different from china or Peshawari tea leaves
Toss water and tea leaves up and down briskly while making Qahwa

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