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Lemon Ecstasy – A Delectable Summer Mocktail

For those of you who love to have cool drinks to beat the red hot summer heat but don’t drink alcohol, mocktails are always welcome. Quick to make, colorful and full of goodness of fruits, a mocktail would give you all the fun of a cocktail along with a quick boost in energy.

The beauty of using superfine or caster sugar is that because of its fineness, it dissolves more quickly than regular white sugar.


6 lemons
5 tbsp Caster sugar/superfine sugar
2 bottle soda
3 cup vanilla ice cream
Crushed ice


* Take out the juice of lemons, discarding the seeds
* Mix together lime juice and super refined sugar and stir till the sugar dissolves
* Add half of the vanilla ice cream and soda
* Whip with a beater till the ice cream is half melted
* Put in a serving glass over crushed ice
* While serving add the remaining ice cream on top

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