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Masala Lemonade – A Refreshing Summer Drink

One of my favorite drinks in summer is the masala lemonade. Its cool and refreshing. Not just that, it comes with a lot of health and beauty benefits too. Most of the food we have are acidic in nature leading to a lot of health problems. While both lemon and water help in clarifying our system removing toxins and making our skin glow.


* Juice of 4 lemons
* Sugar or Honey to taste
* 2 tbsps Chat Masala or Jaljira powder
* 2 Soda bottles (250ml) (fizzy mineral water)
* 1 Cup Chilled water
* Crushed ice
* Lemon slices to garnish


* Squeeze all lemons to extract juice and remove seeds
* Pour water into a large jug. Add sugar and stir well to the get desired sweetness
* Add chat masala, lemon juice and crushed ice. Again stir well
* When ready to serve, add soda
* Serve in chilled glasses garnished with lemon slices

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