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Oriental seafood salad for healthy life

If you are planning for a healthy dinner with a few close friends, or Family and haven’t been able to finalize the menu then Oriental seafood salad or Fish salad add a extra value.



1.Prawn – 60gms
2. Calamari – 40gms
3.River Sole – 60gms
4.Pok Choy (Chinese cabbage) – 30 Gms
5.Fresh red chilli – 10gms
6.Fresh green chilli – 10gms
7.Red bell pepper – 100gms
8.Yellow bell pepper – 100gms
9.Capsicum – 100gms
10.Sugar- 20gms
11.Salt – 5gms
12.Garlic – 20gms
13.Rice wine – 30ml
14.Lime juice – 20ml


- De-vein the prawns and wash properly

- Take prawns, Calamari and river sole and boil them together for 15 minutes on medium flame

- Refrigerate the boiled seafood

- Wash all vegetables and dice them


- Finely chop garlic. Add lemon juice, salt, sugar and rice-wine
- Whisk all ingredients mentioned above
- Serve chilled

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