Parisian breakfast

parisian breakfast

Typical Parisian breakfast is a piece of baguette or small roll, croissant, brioche or fruit bun, jam or butter. Sweet pastries are called viennoiseries, as it was wrongly assumed that they came from Vienna. They are Parisian inventions for which puff or choux (cream or custard puff) pastry and great quantity of butter are used. They are bought fresh every day and hardly anyone thinks of baking them themselves.

However, the most popular is the croissant. Although the croissant has a french name it originates from Hungary. The name means ”crescent moon” and has its own history.

At the end of the 17th century the Turks laid siege to the city of Budapest and in order to subjugate the city tunneled under the city walls. As the Hungarian bakers practice3s their trade in early hours of the morning, they were able to raise the alarm in time and the enemy failed in their attempt to capture the city. As a symbol of the victory the bakers baked the emblem of the Turkish Empire, the crescent moon, out of puff pastry. It caused a sensation in Vienna as well as in Budapest and it was the Austrian born Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France, who brought it with her to Paris in the 18th century.

If you would like to prepare your own Parisian breakfast, serve a table with a glass of fresh orange juice, fresh baked croissant with jam and butter and a cup of a strong Parisian cappuccino. Simple and delicious, isnt it? This is the variation of Parisian breakfast that I mostly love . Bon appetite!

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