Potato With Green Beans

Green beans and potatoes gives a colorful combination to this recipe. Made with very few spices it keeps the authenticity of the veggies.

Potato With Green Beans at DesiRecipes.com


5-6 Small potatoes a few boiled, 
Green beans boiled a little 2 cups, 
Garlic 1 tsp, 
Dill herb 1 tsp, 
black pepper or red flaked chillies according to taste. 
Lemon 2 tbsp, 
Cumin seeds( zeera ) 1tsp powdered, 
3 tbsp oil.


Boil the potatoes . 
Peel it or not is an option. 
Now heat oil in a pan and stir fry potatoes for 3 mins in it, take out the potatoes. 
Add garlic & cumin powder to the same oil . 
Stir fry for few seconds and add green lightly boiled french beans to it. 
Stir fry for few mins( 5, 6 mins). 
Then add already fried potaotes , fry together. 
Sprinkle salt and black pepper or chillies according to taste. 
Add dill to it fry for 2 mins and add lemon juice in the end. 
Serve hot. 

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