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Salmon – Simple Sautéed Salmon Recipe

Salmon is a great fish to work in to your diet and it’s good for you too. Full of Omega 3, a “good fat” that may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and more. Salmon is also a good source of B12, Niacin and vitamin D. In this simple salmon recipe, Rita shows you how to sauté salmon filets in a cast iron skillet and finish them in the oven. Great for a crowd, an easy recipe like this salmon recipe make quick work of your time in the kitchen. Simple ingredients that you can adapt are a great part of this salmon recipe. A bit of seasoning, lemon and the option of lemon grass round out this dish. We’ll be adding more Salmon recipes soon, so make sure you subscribe to Rita’s youtube channel for salmon recipes, simple kitchen tips and other great recipes that are easy, healthy and delicious.

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    2 , u dont need to put the oven on , just cover and lower heat to finish on the shove, 3 salmon is usually farmed thery are filled with chems and dyes of their feed is dyed to give it a pink look , REAL salmon is only pink when they are spawning.
    go to an asian market and try some other wild fish , like blue fish , monk fish, eel , blue crab, snapper , ,

  2. Oiya I do not believe I can understand what you are trying to say. =(

  3. you must be insane. salmon is only farmed if you buy farmed salmon.

    2, other than a few varieties, salmon flesh is pinky orange ALL the time due to diet of krill and shrimp UNTIL they are nearly dead and spawned out when they stop eating and start decaying. you have this completely backwards.

  4. The recipe sounds delightful but man.. I’d kill to have all those 6 BIG slabs of salmon raw!! With Wasabi and shoyu. Omg. Eating is raw is the only way of appreciating it =(


  6. I’d recomend to remove the garlic and lemongrass before frying the salmon. And you don’t need to put the fish in the oven, it will be done on the stove top.

  7. I shud have never watched this video. I’m HUNGRY!!! :( dammit. and i love salmon, oh wow.

  8. the whole unsaturated fat and saturated fat is a hoax. in order for the soy industry to sell their oil, they came up with a marketing ploy to take out animal fat for cooking. what’s the only thing different between animal and plant oil? saturated fat. so they came out with a marketing scare to get people to buy vegetable oil. THERE IS NO SCIENCE BEHIND SATURATED FAT BEING BAD FOR YOU. and if you see something saying it is, check the source. you NEED animal fat in your diet. its essential

  9. Salmon Soooo Expensive But Soooo Good:(

  10. I always wonder why people put it in the oven.

  11. There is plenty of science supporting the hypothesis that saturated fats increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. check out this often quoted article for example: “Dietary Fat Intake and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Women” . You can find it on Google scholar. Of course there is no consensus regarding these findings, but that doesn’t mean it’s a hoax.

  12. @unjusdorange not only is it a hoax, but the people that put it out there, the marketers, even admitted it. There were no peer reviewed scientific studies that said saturated fats cause, lead to, add to, indicate or contribute to heart disease or even making you fat.
    Boring guy that i am, i read microbiological papers that show saturated fats assist in cell membrane reparation and construction. Cholesterol, assists in the construction and reparation of cell membranes.
    It was a lie to sell oil

  13. lol, i remeber my first time with lemongrass, man, those huge blades of grass really cuts you up

  14. I know about your American Culture, but in my culture sometimes we just eat lemongrass fresh with salt. Like we don’t cook it, we just take it out of the garden and eat it right away.

  15. i dont understand why people put it in the oven,its fine the way it is after cookin it on the stove

  16. everything is soo neat and clean

  17. this is one excellent
    my mouth is still watering

  18. i think that there’s too much oil in the skillet, salmon is already very oily..

  19. @CrocsRuleXD you need the oil so it doesn’t stick, i have to make this dish at school.

  20. u cook it to flavor the oil

  21. this is a “sauté de saumon” no ?
    maybe a missclick
    and what is the gras used after the garlick ?
    thanks =)

  22. Suggestions :: nomenclature, she is trying to sear not sauté. use less oil and add to a hot pan, not cold. the meat has to contact the surface, that is common sense. her salmon was sitting on top of the vegetables steaming… there was no caramelization whatsoever. you couldn’t pay me to eat her soggy skin. also if you want to flavor oil, poach garlic, fresh herbs and zest before adding it and add the juice at the end. adding it so early just creates steam and dissipates the flavor.

  23. Good lord my mouth is watering over here!! I’m going to try out this recipe this evening. Thanks!

  24. i got me some fresh Atlantic salmon and i got me some lemons in the fridge dinner tonight is gonna be delicious

  25. i never feared fish O.o
    I guess its from my far east culture xD

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