Spicy LemOn Chutney

This is a wonderful chutney specially with grilled fish or roast meat.

Spicy Lemon Chutney at DesiRecipes.com


Lemon 12 count. 
Raisins 1 cup. 
Ginger 1/3 cup(finely chopped). 
Salt to taste. 
Red chilli powder 1tsp. 
Sugar 1 cup.


Wash lemons. 
Squeeze all the lemons and set the lemon juice on the side. 
Take the pulp out of the lemon and cut the skin into finely thin slices. 
Now boil these sliced skin in water with some salt. 
Boil until they cook well and become tender. 
Drain all the water and set it aside. 
Put sugar in a pan with some water to make a syrup. 
When it becomes a thick consistency syrup add lemon juice and boiled lemon skins in it. 
Put some salt and red chilli powder. 
Then add ginger. 
In the end add raisins and cook the syrup until it becomes thick like a chutney or sauce. 
Delicious lemon chutney or sauce is ready. 

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