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Teta’s Lentil Soup

Red Lentil Soup



Serves 6—S people

• 500 g split red lentils, washed

• I large onion (red, white or reflow, whatever you have), peeled and cut in half

2-3 doves of garlic, peeled

2 carrots, peeled but whole

2 tomatoes, whole

11 of water

Salt, cumin, and chili powder to taste



1. Put the lentils, onion, garlic, carrots, and tomatoes in a large pot.

2. Add the water and 2tbsp of salt.

3. Bring to the boil, and then turn the heat on the lowest setting cover the pot with a lid and leave to simmer for 1 hour.

4. Check the pot—if the lentils are swollen and the soup looks quite thick, then too much water has evaporated and you will need to add 2-3 extra cups. If this is the case, bring the soup back to the boll and cook for an additional 15 minutes.

5. Take the soup off the heat and blend using a handheld blender. Add 2 tbsp of cumin powder and 2 tsp of chili powder, then salt to taste.

6. Serve with extra cumin and lemon wedges.

• Some nice additions to this soup area dollop of yogurt a drizzle of olive oil, and some fresh coriander. It is best served with toasted, crispy flatbread.

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