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Video Recipe: Veggie Sandwich

Visit www.harvesteating.com to get the written recipe for this video. Chef Keith Snow creates a vegetarian sandwich with roasted zucchini, squash, red peppers and fresh mozzerella.

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  1. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
    this recipe i have never tryed

  2. Cutting it isn’t the tricky part!…its taking a bite without the contents landing on your lap! LOL Xcellent recipe as always Keith!

  3. stick a toothpick in it XD

  4. I would have to stick 5 toothpicks in it to keep it together! One on each corner and a big one in the middle! LOL If i tried eating a sandwich that full, i would have a mess all over my face and lap!….kinda like the drunk person we all see at the take-away after a night on the town. You know, the one sitting there trying to eat a super double big mac who only succeeds in eating 1/3 of it and he ends up wearing the rest! LOL

  5. omg ive jyst made myself 1 it is the nicest sandwich ive evertasted exept i used mozzerela twice

  6. that sandwich looks so good

  7. Just needs to be thought out a little more to be to a winner.

  8. bluesugarmonkeys

    It’s pronounced ‘baz-ill’ not ‘bay-zil’. Look at the way it’s spelt. Basil= Baz-ill. There’s no ‘Bay’ in ‘basil’

  9. Nazi.

  10. Retard.

  11. nom nom nom nom

  12. really, you like it?? can’t belive it

  13. omg that sandwich looks so good, too bad i cant cook like keith snow, thanks for uploading!

  14. The goat scared me.

  15. What a huge healthy sandwiche, just one will do me at this size lol xo

  16. i’ve had a sandwich just like this, only with feta instead of mozzarella. it was AMAZING.

  17. no one likes a smart ass.

  18. Speak for yourself, I LOVE them.

  19. Im eating the sandwich except without the oignons, the mushrooms, red pepper is grilled, and i put feta instead of mozzarella. Still amazing ! Thank you

  20. cool…enjoy


  21. I love oignons…

  22. WanderingGnome

    To be honest, I just forgot…. I like how you tried to play the basil off as a garnish – you had me convinced.

  23. omg mee too!! oignons are so good! I wish they made oignon flavored capri sun, y’know??

  24. Yep.

  25. Hmm Looks different I can’t imagine a sandwich without meat but I guess it must be good cause I LOVE zucchini!

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